The first platform solving hiring quality

Transforming recruiter and hiring manager collaboration to improve Quality of Hire.

Measure & improve your hiring KPIs

High attrition

Boost morale, lower recruitment costs and raise staff retention by ensuring cultural fit.

Poor performance

Sales figures, competitor benchmarking and financial forecasts all improve by making better hires.

Recruitment bias

Widen your talent pool by assessing on skill and monitoring recruiter performance.

Ineffective collaboration

Bring collaboration to the heart of the recruitment process, by helping teams to improve communication.

Data compliance

Collect and store data in one centralised platform. Easily delete, amend and update records.

Find out what innovative recruitment metrics can do for you

Talenytics’ unique capabilities keep quality at the centre of the hiring process.

Enhanced Baselining

Ensure positive collaboration between Hiring Managers & Recruiters by agreeing expectations and maintaining a clear baseline.


The transparent assessment process aligns recruiter and hiring manager goals for each vacancy, decisions are free from bias.

Data analytics

Large volumes of candidate and employee data can be gathered, processed and stored securely in a user – friendly and paper-free way, without spreadsheets.

Bespoke measurement

Track real-time and historic performance data to identify trends and ensure standards remain high while continually improving processes.

Introducing the Q-Chart™

Keep recruiters and hiring managers on the same page. Talenytics’ unique Q-Chart™ creates a visual, dynamic and collaborative way of agreeing on the pre-hire criteria.