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The True Value of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity isn't only good news for employees - businesses reap the benefits when their culture is inclusive. We all know we should be doing more to make the world, and the workplace, a more inclusive place to be. If inclusivity seems to be low on your...

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The Importance of Collaboration

Effective collaboration isn't just good for productivity; staff morale, financial performance and company culture can all be improved by boosting collaboration in the workplace. Research by Villanova University School of Business suggests that "disengaged employees...

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Who cares about Quality of Hire?

You've heard of it and you know you should do something about it, but why? Is Quality of Hire one of those 'buzz word' phrases that gets people excited for a brief period, or does it represent an opportunity for serious change in the talent industry?...

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Talent Shortage Continues to Bite

UK Labour Market: Summer 2018 Businesses with UK operations are finding it ever-harder to secure high-quality employees. Reasons for this have been given as everything from Brexit to the hot weather, but in fact it's probably a result of myriad factors....

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Why Quality of Hire is so difficult to improve

If the recruitment and hiring industry was given one wish, what would it be? Chances are, most recruiters and hiring managers would want to be able to find and retain high-quality candidates for every single role they're assigned. We're unlikely to stumble upon a...

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