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How an analytical approach boosts diversity

Diversity is a global problem for all types of businesses. How can adopting a more analytical approach to hiring help to boost diversity across the board? Headlines concerning diversity make for depressing reading. STEM organisations in particular are frequently...

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Why Quality of Hire affects your entire business

For too long, Quality of Hire has been viewed as a metric that is only relevant to HR and talent Acquisition professionals. In fact, Quality of Hire impacts every aspect of your business. The Venn diagram below illustrates exactly how Quality of Hire touches on...

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How to get Recruiters & Hiring Managers on the Same Page

A recent study shows that hiring managers' priorities differ from recruiters' - but is this really a bad thing? The mismatch between how recruiters and hiring managers define success is surely to be expected - they themselves are measured differently, so how can we...

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How Do You Prove Quality of Hire?

How much easier would your conversations with C-Suite execs be if you could prove how successful your hires are? Measuring Quality of Hire is not a new idea. The concept has remained on the periphery of the talent industry for some years now, even though talent...

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Why you Need to Measure Quality of Hire

You’ve heard of it, but how can Quality of Hire transform your organisation’s talent acquisition processes and performance? LinkedIn believes that Quality of Hire is the ‘magic metric’. Industry frontrunners like Lou Adler say that if you’re not measuring it, you’re...

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