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Breaking Down Retention

Any recruiter or hiring manager worth their salt will tell you that retention is high on their list of priorities. But how do you improve it if you don’t know why it’s happening? Employee turnover costs US companies around $160 billion every year. This is...

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Employment Challenges: The Hiring Market

Is your organisation prepared for the worsening talent shortage? Retaining the staff you have has never been more important. Our infographic illustrates why. It's no secret that employers in all industries are struggling to recruit and retain the staff they need; by...

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Candidate Attraction: The Next Big Challenge

The global talent shortage, legacy technology and poor hiring team collaboration means that candidate attraction is becoming an issue for recruitment teams everywhere. What is your organisation doing to improve?We all know the importance of having a...

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Is ‘Speed of Hire’​ the Next Essential Metric?

Having recently read Dr John Sullivan's article on Speed of Hire, Talenytics' Chief Strategy Officer Howard Flint is left wondering whether or not it could really plug the current gap in hiring metrics.Speed of Hire is an interesting way of dressing up the traditional...

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Hiring Stats You Can Trust

There's a lot of misinformation out there, especially if you're relying on the internet as your main source of news. HR and Talent Acquisition professionals are bombarded with facts and figures, but how can they be sure which ones to trust? Glassdoor's...

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