At Talenytics, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in recruitment - how to improve Quality of Hire?
We’re seeing many businesses, executives and talent struggling to recruit and retain top talent. That’s why we developed Talenytics - a platform that helps companies to hire and keep high quality candidates. The software is unique in that it puts collaboration between Recruiters and Hiring Managers at the heart of the process, which makes it efficient and ensures everyone is on the same page throughout.
We know that the recruitment process isn’t over once the candidate signs the contract, which is why Talenytics tracks feedback and the candidate’s progress up to a year after the hire is made. Finally we put all the data we have gathered together, crunch the results and out pops the richest and most valuable set of recruitment quality data around – by a country mile.
We like what we are doing – and hope you do to. You’re welcome to come have a look for yourselves!

Meet the Hiring Quality Experts

Gavin Speirs


Gavin has a passion for improving the quality of hire and the quality of the hiring process. He developed Talenytics at the end of 2014.

Howard Flint

Chief Strategy Officer

For 15 years Howard has worked at the interface of recruiters, technology and data pioneering ways of improving recruitment performance.

Sooz Kinsella

Marketing Leader

Sooz has worked at the core of innovation in software technology for over 18 years. Her passion lies with delivering great customer journeys.

It's time to transform your hiring process