Complying with data and HR regulations means taking a forward-thinking approach in HR .

Data & HR regulation compliance

With a prevalence of part-time employees, shift-workers and frequent seasonal hiring, FMCG organisations are used to high staff turnover, but keeping ahead of the curve on compliance regulations and maintaining best practice can be challenging.

Key outcomes

Following the implementation of Talenytics’ software, after just 12 months our client found significant improvements across their recruitment KPIs.

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“Talenytics has provided an easy-to-use solution for managing the huge amounts of data my team processes day in, day out.”

HR Director

Case Study: Financial Services

Improving Retention in a Fortune 500 Company

The Problem

The company was struggling to keep long-serving employees engaged, and younger employees were often leaving 1-2 years after being hired.


The Solution

Measuring pre-hire expectations and post-hire performance provides a clear picture of employees who thrive. Understanding cultural fit was crucial in improving retention concerns.

The Results

Reviewing the data collected via Talenytics over 12 months, the company found that graduates were more likely to leave sooner than employees who had 2-3 years’ experience.

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