Talenytics: features

Talenytics combines unique technological capabilities with enhanced hiring functions to provide some of the most cutting-edge talent acquisition and retention software available today. Whatever your title, Talenytics’ Quality of Hire features provide significant benefits across the hiring and talent acquisition spectrum.
Pre-hire collaboration
  • Visual tracking tools 
  • Signpost milestones
  • Hiring requirements weighted and scored 
  • Baseline calibration

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Post-hire measurement
  • Monitor new-hire performance 
  • Assess & compare alignment to job brief 
  • Track hiring manager & recruiter performance

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Hiring insights
  • Assess hiring quality data
  • Analyse QoH trends
  • Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders

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  • Visual tracking tools facilitate positive collaboration.
  • Signposts key hiring requirements and milestones.
  • Hiring requirements weighted and scored according to importance.

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  • Monitor new-hire performance at pivotal points during the first year.
  • Assess alignment to job brief and compare employee performance to establish patterns.
  • Track hiring manager & recruiter performance.

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Reports & Insights

  • View real-time and historic hiring, recruitment process and candidate quality data.
  • Analyse trends, patterns and correlations which emerge as indicators of Quality of Hire.
  • Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders.

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Enhanced Baselining

Ensure positive collaboration between Hiring Managers & Recruiters by agreeing expectations and maintaining a baseline.


The transparent assessment process aligns recruiter and hiring manager goals for each vacancy, decisions are free from bias.

Data analytics

Large volumes of candidate and employee data can be gathered, processed and stored securely in a user – friendly and paper-free way, without spreadsheets.

Bespoke measurement

Track real-time and historic performance data to identify trends and ensure standards remain high while continually improving processes.

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