Post-Hire Assessment

Understand Quality of Hire throughout the first 12 months

Track New Hire Performance

Tracking the performance of new hires and linking back to the assessment and selection process is vital to understanding and improving Quality of Hire. This is a fundamental and unique component of the Talenytics platform. It starts when the Hiring Manager is prompted via email at four intervals during the first year to give feedback on how the employee is performing. The simple form is easy to understand and complete. Completion levels are extremely high and accurate.

Assess New Hire Performance Against Job Expectations

The Hiring Manager considers and answers some simple but vital questions about the new hire’s tenure up to now. These include, are they still with the company; are they performing above or below expectations; have they met specific individual role objectives? Immediately there is an integrated set of new hire performance information available that can be linked to recruitment data. By itself this is massively powerful. However, Talenytics goes a step further.

Assess New Hire Performance Against Assessment and Selection Scores

The Hiring Manager also compares the performance of the new hire to the last Q-Chart™ assessment. By doing this a Hiring Manager can see how a new hire has performed in comparison to the assessment scores during the recruitment process, and also how they match to the original requirements in the Job Brief. The Hiring Manager can understand if certain strengths are positively impacting performance and whether certain weaknesses are negatively affecting performance and need to be addressed. For both the Recruiter and the Hiring Manager they build an understanding of the selection criteria that are important for different roles.

This learning is then applied to develop template Q-Charts™ that can be used for future similar roles, that are more likely to result in a better Quality of Hire.

Introducing the Q-Chart™

Talenytics’ unique Q-Chart™ creates a visual, dynamic and collaborative way of agreeing on the pre-hire criteria.

“You can’t measure Quality of Hire if you don’t define and agree what a quality hire looks like” Gavin Speirs, CEO