Reporting & Insights

Learning and improving your recruitment process

Recruitment Leader Insights

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Leaders review real-time and historic Hiring Quality data. They track how their organisation is performing in terms of Candidate Quality and recruitment Process Quality. They compare Candidate Quality Pre-Hire scores with Candidate Quality Post-Hire performance looking for trends, correlations, and indicators that drive quality up. They monitor relative performance of Recruiters and Hiring Managers, specifically in terms of the quality of the candidates they are hiring. With all this information, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Leaders are in a position to make truly informed decision that drives up Hiring Quality.

Recruiter Insights

Recruiters examine their own performance. They see how well they are achieving their own recruitment goals, and monitor feedback from their Hiring Managers on their own performance. They use objective data to adapt Job Briefs and Hiring Manager expectations at the beginning of the hiring process. They compare candidate profiles and scores against top performers previously recruited through Talenytics to identify the most likely successful candidates. Suddenly Recruiters become expert advisors with validated data and actual examples at their fingertips.

Hiring Manager Insights

For the first time, Hiring Managers really track and understand the performance of the hiring processes they are involved in. From the strength of the candidate pools submitted to the delivery against recruitment milestones, for every role and all roles the Hiring Manager gets an understanding of performance. The presentation of quality scores is transformative and allows them to quickly make better hiring decisions. Whether having a clearer understanding of the candidate profiles that succeed or realising the optimum time for a particular hiring process to get the best candidates, Hiring Managers will enter new hiring processes informed and better able to make key quality enabling decisions.

Introducing the Q-Chart™

Talenytics’ unique Q-Chart™ creates a visual, dynamic and collaborative way of agreeing on the hiring criteria.

“You can’t measure Quality of Hire if you don’t define and agree what a quality hire looks like” Gavin Speirs, CEO