If your hiring managers and recruiters aren’t working together effectively, you won’t be hiring the best people for the role. But how can alignment be incentivised? 

The question of how to get hiring managers and recruiters on the same page causes talent leaders and HR directors many a sleepless night. They understand the almost innumerable commercial and cultural benefits that a collaborative hiring process would achieve, such as enhanced productivity and reduced hiring costs, but how can they get the hiring teams on board?  

We outline the strategies that could help talent leaders get recruiters and hiring managers in complete alignment.  

Make quality of hire part of performance appraisals 

The loudest message you can send to hiring teams about the importance of alignment and collaboration is by making it clear that they’ll be measured on it.  New hire performance, retention, diversity… whatever your focus may be, the first step in achieving it is increasing alignment on goals, requirements and the ‘ideal hire’. As they say, what gets measured gets managed.  

Ensure evidence of effectiveness is criteria for promotion 

It’s all too easy for hiring teams to pass blame from one side to the other; a recruiter may argue that a hiring manager wasn’t clear on their requirements, whereas a hiring manager could contend that a recruiter misinterpreted the brief, for example.  If your recruiters and hiring managers understand that working well with the whole hiring team to produce great results is a KPI for promotion, they’ll be much more focused on the task in hand.  

Reward the hiring team as a whole 

Examine your bonus structure; does it reward or penalise an ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality? Research shows that recruiting has the highest impact on corporate revenue and profitsbut also that strong relationships with hiring managers is the no. 1 contributing factor to TA performance. Implementing a team-focused, firm-but-fair bonus model that makes it necessary to strive for great hires and even better hiring team relationships adds extra weight to the goal and shows how seriously management view effective collaboration. 

Embed transparency

All great relationships are built on trust. Transparency is the foundation of trust, so it makes sense to ensure that the entire hiring process is as clear and up front as possible. Implementing a system whereby hiring managers and recruiters are accountable for making timely decisions on quality hires keeps everyone on the same page and cements the equal responsibility every member of the hiring team has for collectively improving the organisation’s Quality of Hire.


Source: ERE.net

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