There’s a lot of misinformation out there, especially if you’re relying on the internet as your main source of news. HR and Talent Acquisition professionals are bombarded with facts and figures, but how can they be sure which ones to trust? Glassdoor’s latest report delivers the most up-to-date and reliable figures talent leaders need to know. We’ve read the report so you don’t have to!

Some of the recruiting statistics listed in this year’s report are eye-opening; each new hire costs £3,000, for example. One which will rile most of the recruiters we know is the average interview process length – an eye-watering 27.5 days in the UK. However, when compared with Brazil (39.6 days), France (38.9 days) and Switzerland (37.5 days), the results don’t seem quite so bad. India (16.1 days) and Israel (16.9 days) are putting the rest of the world to shame, however.

Transparency also emerged as a key theme of the report. 88% of decision makers agree that a well-informed candidate is the first step towards a quality hire, but 76%of the same decision makers admit that attracting quality candidates is their biggest challenge. Since 93% of employees and job seekers believe it’s important to be informed about elements of a workplace such as culture, values,mission and environment, it appears that there’s a disconnect which needs to be resolved quickly.

The average annual voluntary turnover rate is 12% of the workforce,rising to 19% when considering turnover overall. Think of this figure in relation to the 33% of a worker’s annual salary that it costs to replace them, and you’ve got a number that would make your CFO weep!

We’ve listed some of the most noteworthy statistics from the report in our infographic below. Which do you find most surprising?

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Gianna Legate

Gianna Legate

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