First look: Initial insights from the Talenytics Recruitment Metrics Survey

Survey in progress and still time to participate

In our quest to uncover the extent to which recruitment metrics are being used to improve Hiring Quality, many recruiters have been investing their time by participating in our survey.  We are very excited about how it is going.  We’re enjoying a good response and our since thanks go out to all that have taken part so far.

If you haven’t taken part and contributed your opinions yet, there’s still time for you to have your thoughts assimilated.  As always with survey data, the bigger the sample, the more certainty there is about the accuracy of the results.

At this stage, we thought it was worth sharing some of the initial observations that have fallen out of our analysis.

Initial observations about recruitment metrics and Hiring Quality

1. Traditional recruitment metrics are less important than emerging metrics for improving recruitment and the quality of new hires

It seems that emerging metrics such as Hiring Manager and candidate satisfaction, and measurements associated with new hire performance are of greater importance for improving recruitment effectiveness and the quality of new hires.  Traditional recruitment metrics such as time to hire, cost per hire and number of CVs submitted are consistently ranked as less important.

2. Recruiter delivery is one of the most important metrics for making decisions that might improve Recruiter performance

Recruiter delivery performance is considered one of the most important recruitment metrics.  In the context of making decisions likely to improve recruitment performance and the quality of hired candidates, it seems that the ability of the recruiter to deliver is highly indicative.

3. Applicant tracking systems tend to measure traditional recruitment metrics, not emerging metrics

Applicant tracking systems are used primarily for measuring traditional recruitment metrics.  They are not generally used to measure emerging metrics such as Hiring Manager and candidate satisfaction and measurements associated with new hire performance.

4. The metrics considered to have the greatest influence over recruitment performance are not measured by 2 in 5 Recruiters

Although Hiring Manager or candidate satisfaction is consistently considered to be among the most influential metrics, around 40% said they don’t measure it and, as a consequence, are unable to factor it in when analysing recruitment performance.

Find out more about data driven hiring with Talenytics

If you are keen to understand more about data driven hiring, these initial observations give a tantalising glimpse of what is going on out there within the enterprise recruitment industry.

We’ll be issuing a full report of all the findings to all participants.  If you haven’t completed the survey yet and you’re keen to be among the first to get a look at the final survey results and analysis, there’s still time to share your opinions by taking part in the survey.




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