How would you rate your Hiring Quality?

Hiring Quality

How would you rate your organisations Hiring Quality?  What percentage score would you give yourself?

How did you arrive at this number?

A stab in the dark?  A guess?

Loads of talent acquisition surveys from the past year highlight that we are not doing enough to measure Hiring Quality.

They also highlight that if you are guessing a high percentage figure and giving yourself a pat on the back, then you are delusional (well, maybe not in so many words but you are!).

So, what is Hiring Quality?

This is the million dollar question.  But don’t worry – Talenytics is here to bring you back to reality and give you a way to measure, track and improve your Hiring Quality.

We have launched a new page on our website that really drills down in to what Hiring Quality should mean to an organisation.

We talk about what contributes to good Hiring Quality and why improving it is not only beneficial to your recruitment process but for planning your organisations future hires.

At Talenytics we like to think of ourselves as experts in Hiring Quality so if you have any questions or would like some hints and tips then please let us know!

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