Talenytics’ Chief Strategy Officer Howard Flint outlines his thinking on the importance of Quality of Hire following a recent client discussion

Good intentions

I was talking to a business the other day that is looking to re-engineer its recruitment. The business leaders had multiple concerns, such as identifying and then finding the right people, recruiter and hiring manager collaboration, high turnover in some areas… the list went on.

The business seemed determined to resolve the issues they were facing, and they knew that doing so would positively impact everything from productivity to profitability. However, when I asked them how they were going to measure success, there was a rather uncomfortable period of silence.

The beauty of before and after

There was some quiet talk about time to hire, gathering candidate feedback and analysing source of hire, but no plan for baselining current recruitment performance and then measuring the level of improvement post-transformation. There’s no way of tracking improvement if you don’t know where you started!

This may be a reason why many recruitment leaders struggle to get funding for the technology and resource they need. It also leaves recruitment wide open to criticism; after they’ve implemented changes, the business complains that there has been no improvement because they can’t evidence progress. Thus, recruitment maintains its ‘low operational priority’ status.

Data is the answer

The challenge that recruitment is facing is to prove its effectiveness beyond all doubt. The only way to do this is to measure the current health of the process and candidates, and analyse how it may have been affected by changes planned as part of the improvement strategy. The ability of a recruitment team to measure and report on Quality of Hire is fundamentally important.


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Howard Flint

Howard Flint

Chief Strategy Officer

Howard has worked in the HR and Recruitment sphere for almost 20 years. He is dedicated to providing his advice and expertise to global HR leaders to help improve Quality of Hire.