A recent study shows that hiring managers’ priorities differ from recruiters’ – but is this really a bad thing?

The mismatch between how recruiters and hiring managers define success is surely to be expected – they themselves are measured differently, so how can we imagine their desired outcomes would be the same? Recruiters are often judged on how quickly they can source good-quality candidates, whereas hiring managers’ goals are geared towards how well a hire performs within the role and how long they stay with the company.

The charts above outline the scale of the difference the survey found in recruiter/hiring manager priority metrics. The survey report suggests that friction could be created because of the misalignment we can see above, and that both parties could be held back from achieving their goals. However, this need not be the case.

Finding positives in differences

A more positive view of these differing priorities would be that they can bring benefits to all stakeholders. Being focused on making a timely hire which is high-quality is surely the best outcome for all involved, and enhanced collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters would mean that this could easily become a reality.

However, the same survey also indicated that the biggest barriers to building a strong recruiter/ hiring manager partnership were alignment on expectations (30% of hiring managers) and getting timely feedback (23.4% of recruiters). The misalignment between success measurements seems less surprising when we learn that recruiters and hiring managers aren’t communicating effectively.

What could bring everyone together?

Technology holds the key to unlocking improved collaboration and communication between all parties, as well as improving future hiring processes. The study predicts that in future, effective recruitment teams will be focused on using data to predict candidate fit based on the information they have at interview – namely their skills, behavioural profile and experience.

Bring all of this information together on one user-friendly platform would be a start, but imagine if recruiters and hiring managers could actually work together to define the ideal candidate for the job role beforehand too? A clear, mapped-out hiring process with firm timescales and a mutual understanding of what great looks like seems like the only way forward from here.

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Gianna Legate

Gianna Legate

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