Better relationships between partners mean superior outcomes.

Recruitment partner alignment & performance

Internal hiring managers were growing increasingly frustrated with the calibre of candidates their recruitment partners were putting forward. Frequent misses meant that hiring quality was falling and staff turnover rate were suffering.

Key outcomes

Interviewing only high-quality candidates meant the internal team could focus their energy on the recruitment process. After just 9 months, Talenytics had significantly improved communication and collaboration with recruitment partners. Speak to our team today to arrange your free quality of hire analysis.

“We intend to keep measuring and improving our process using Talenytics.” HR Director

Case Study: Contact Centre

Improving Recruitment Partner Relationships

The Problem

The company felt like their recruitment partners weren’t on the same page as them, and this resulted in the wrong kind of candidates being shortlisted.

The Solution

Improving pre-hire collaboration, process visibility and alignment on expectations means important hiring milestones were met and requirements exceeded.

The Results

Nine months after implementing Talenytics, benchmarked recruitment partner performance improved significantly, and the internal team was able to concentrate on other value-add areas.

Your personalised analysis will reveal:

  • How improving Quality of Hire will boost your retention
  • Why gathering and analysing data will enhance cultural fit
  • The financial benefits of measuring Quality of Hire