Improving Quality of Hire is one of the main priorities for Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers everywhere.

It’d be great if a commitment to quality was all that was required to make significant improvements to both the quality of candidates entering the pre-hire process, and their long-term performance post-hire. However, recruitment and business are rarely as straightforward as we’d like.

A recent study showed that survey respondents were not aware of a single business which was successfully measuring the quality of their hires. Several had attempted to implement improvement initiatives, but none had a cohesive, company-wide policy in place around Quality of Hire.

The key reason respondents gave for the failure to effectively improve Quality of Hire was their inability to gather and analyse data: if they can’t measure it, they can’t improve it.

Our mission is to enable all HR teams to measure and improve Quality of Hire in a simple, user-friendly way. Our unique platform can be overlaid onto existing an ATS, and provides data-rich insight to enable the best decision-making processes possible.

Watch Talenytics’ CEO Gavin Speirs explain exactly what Talenytics can do for you. Alternatively, read the full transcript below.

Gavin Speirs Introduces Talenytics from Talenytics on Vimeo.


My name is Gavin Speirs, CEO of Talenytics. Talenytics is a software platform that was developed to measure and improve Quality of Hire as well as Quality of Hiring process.

Talenytics is unique. There’s no real platform that competes with Talenytics specifically on Quality of Hire, so we’ve really set out our stall to be best in class in terms of our ability to help clients not only measure Quality of Hire, because it’s a difficult thing to measure, but actually see how they can improve and impact Quality of Hire in their organisation.

I think clients should want to work with Talenytics because we are a specialist in the area that we provide support to our clients. If a client has a retention issue but is not able to measure Quality of Hire, but sees it as an issue, then we’re definitely a platform that can help solve that.
Talenytics is fun. We’re a new team, we’re new to the market, and with that comes a lot of challenges and opportunities. For us, it’s our passion for really helping customers improve Quality of Hire. Quality of Hire has always been the difficult KPI in recruitment, and we’re really proud of bringing a platform that actually helps clients to measure and improve Quality of Hire.

We’ve worked with quite a few different clients who have used Talenytics as part of their offering. One example is a client who for every type of role they recruited, they asked for a minimum of degree education. What we’ve been able to do over the last seven months is to benchmark and compare candidates who had that degree and didn’t have it. There has actually been no impact in the quality of the candidate in-role. What we’ve been able to do with that particular client is open them up to a wider talent pool. Historically, they would only look at candidates who had that certain level of education, whereas now through data we can show them that it doesn’t actually impact that particular role, and that’s obviously opened up a talent pol for them.

Data-driven decisions are the future, because they haven’t been in the past! For me, too much of recruitment is gut-feel, subjective views, etc. But we’re also talking about people, so you can’t base everything on data. What we’re trying to do at Talenytics is provide a platform which supports hiring managers and recruiters make better decisions, using data to compliment their decision making.


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