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Improve your Quality of Hire by putting collaboration at the heart of the recruitment process. Talenytics is the only recruitment software designed to encourage Recruiter and Hiring Manager collaboration and measure the performance of candidates post-hire.

Measure Pre-Hire Collaboration

Recruiters and Hiring Managers collaboratively define the ideal candidate and critical hiring requirements using Talenytics’ Q-Chart™. Interviewers score using the Q-Chart™, and Candidates are then objectively assessed and compared.

The successful candidate is chosen and both Hiring Manager and Recruiter evaluate the quality of the recruitment process.

Measure Post-Hire Assessment

The Hiring Manager evaluates the performance of the newly hired employee 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after start date. Talenytics tracks and reports on how the candidate is performing in their role against expectation, giving rich data and insight into post-hire performance.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers use this insight to support in learning and improving future hiring processes.

Hiring Quality Insights

Our analytics engine gives talent leaders and management real time insights into the quality of candidates and of the hiring process. New generation recruitment metrics such as Hiring Manager satisfaction and recruitment delivery performance can be reported on and analysed. Full quality data extraction is enabled to populate your HR analytics tools.

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Quality of Hire: the essential business metric [whitepaper]


This whitepaper report has invaluable insight from this year’s Quality of Hire Roundtable which took place in London.

Attendees included Recruitment, HR and Talent leaders from global organisations of varying sizes. Being able to quantitatively assess the overall quality of new and existing hires is universally acknowledged as being necessary. However, there are numerous challenges associated with implementing the measurement of Quality of Hire.