Reducing Recruitment Bias

Assessing problem areas in the hiring process can pave the way for more inclusive workplaces

Reducing recruitment bias

The technology industry is frequently criticised for being geared towards young, white males. How could this app development organisation turn things around to attract and retain more diverse candidates?

Key outcomes

Just 11 months after implementation, recruitment bias was reduced and the company identified key problem areas in their hiring process which were turning off diverse candidates.

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  • Percentage increase in applications from minority groups 18.7%
  • New hires which are women, up from 26% 39%
  • New recruitment partner focused on diversity 100%

Case Study: Technology

Tech firm reduces recruitment bias

The Problem

An internal audit on diversity revealed that people from minority background represented just 17.% of the company’s workforce, which didn’t reflect their location or customer base.


The Solution

Talenytics Q-Chart technology ensures that candidates are measured on merit alone. The transparent process aligns recruiter and hiring manager goals for each vacancy, and rates quality above all else.

The Results

After a change in recruitment partner, all candidates are now reassured that the firm’s recruitment processes welcome applicants from all backgrounds, creeds, cultures and identities.

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