Roundtable Events - let's talk about Quality of Hire

We host regular roundtable events throughout the UK for an open discussion with other talent and HR professionals interested in improving Quality of Hire

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2019 Quality of Hire roundtable events across the US

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The Quality of Hire Roundtable Discussions is interactive forums for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Leaders to meet and discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with improving Quality of Hire.

For such an important metric, there is very little published about it, and very little time given over to thought and real discussion. After successful events across the UK, register your interest for our US events due to start later in the year. These open discussions with other professionals like yourself who want to explore this topic further across four sessions:

Session 1: What do we mean by Quality of Hire?
Session 2: How can we measure Quality of Hire?
Session 3: How can we improve Quality of Hire?
Session 4: How can we deliver it?

Cost: This event is free and spaces are limited on the day.




Because of the level and nature of the discussions, participation is only open to Talent Acquisition leaders with Quality of Hire accountability.

The Quality of Hire Roundtable is conducted in a confidential environment. It is interactive, and you will have the opportunity to participate in the discussions ask questions and discuss your challenges and experiences.

Quality of Hire: the essential business metric [whitepaper]

Did you miss our London event? You can now download the outcomes from the day as a full report

Introducing the Q-Chart™

Talenytics’ unique Q-Chart™ creates a visual, dynamic and collaborative way of agreeing on the pre-hire criteria.

“You can’t measure Quality of Hire if you don’t define and agree what a quality hire looks like” Gavin Speirs, CEO