Quality of Hire: 3 Essential Conditions

In this webinar, Talenytics CEO, Gavin Speirs is joined by John Wallace, author of Hire Power where they will discuss the strategic indicators that directly affect Quality of Hire. With such a strong focus on the cost and time to hire, is it time to challenge the way in which these metrics are benchmarked and reported on?

We will review these three essential conditions:

  • Culture
  • Execution
  • Planning

About John:

John Wallace has worked in the recruitment business for over twenty years. He started his recruitment career with an independent consultancy in Scotland, he went on to work in resourcing leadership and senior HR roles with RBS, Tesco and Barclays. Since 2015 he has consulted with a variety of businesses providing a diagnosis of problems and insight for solutions.

3 Ways to Measure Quality of Hire

What is Quality of Hire and how do you measure it?

According to a recent report published by LinkedIn, the most important recruitment metric is Quality of Hire.
Register for the session: Measuring Quality of Hire (various dates available) you’ll learn:
  • How to measure pre and post-hire quality metrics
  • How collaboration between hiring manager and recruiters makes better hires!
  • How to improve your hiring processes based on real results