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Research Report - Quality of Hire: the Essential Business Metric

Being able to quantitatively assess the overall quality of new and existing hires is universally acknowledged as being necessary. This whitepaper examines the struggles and opportunities recruitment, HR and hiring professionals are experiencing in relation to Quality of Hire.

Survey Results - Technology and Hiring Quality Metrics

We asked over 100 HR and Recruitment Directors how they use technology to measure important recruitment quality metrics.

Download our findings that show the technologies that are being used to measure many important metrics. 

Talenytics - A Hiring Quality Report

We asked over 100 Human Resources professionals how they currently use technology to measure important recruitment metrics (if at all) and how they see this changing in the future.

The results were overwhelming and we’d suggest that this report is key to changing your overall recruitment process and Quality of Hire!

5 Key Steps to Boost your Company's Quality of Hire!

Yes to Data Driven Recruitment Means No to Traditional Recruitment Metrics!

Are you spending all your time measuring and reporting on recruitment metrics that aren’t helping you?