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Download our free White Papers on all subjects around the hiring process and recruitment metrics as well as some detailed results from our many surveys.

Research Report – Talent Leaders: Facing 2019

Key themes explored within the white paper report are:

  • Looking back to move forward – reflecting on 2018 and lessons learned.
  • The next hurdle – understanding what talent leader priorities are for 2019.
  • Progress in the era of tech – the most pressing concerns, opportunities and hopes for the year ahead.

Research Report – Data, Diversity & The Candidate Experience

Key themes explored within the white paper report are:

  • The Challenges of QoH – Exploring the issues associated with measuring and improving
  • QoH. Diversity & Data – Looking at how collecting and analysing QoH data can influence an organisation’s diversity.
  • QoH & the Candidate Experience – Examining the effects of the candidate experience on QoH, and what steps can be taken to improve it.
  • The QoH Trickle-Down Effect – Asking how support from business leaders can help to support QoH initiatives

Research Report – Quality of Hire: the Essential Business Metric

Being able to quantitatively assess the overall quality of new and existing hires is universally acknowledged as being necessary. This whitepaper examines the struggles and opportunities recruitment, HR and hiring professionals are experiencing in relation to Quality of Hire.

Survey Results – Technology and Hiring Quality Metrics

We asked over 100 HR and Recruitment Directors how they use technology to measure important recruitment quality metrics.

Download our findings that show the technologies that are being used to measure many important metrics.

Talenytics – A Hiring Quality Report

We asked over 100 Human Resources professionals how they currently use technology to measure important recruitment metrics (if at all) and how they see this changing in the future.

The results were overwhelming and we’d suggest that this report is key to changing your overall recruitment process and Quality of Hire

5 Key Steps to Boost your Company’s Quality of Hire!

Gain valuable insight into how Talenytics can help you understand the value of your people, and ultimately make better hires and improve your hiring processes.

Yes to Data Driven Recruitment Means No to Traditional Recruitment Metrics!

Are you spending all your time measuring and reporting on recruitment metrics that aren’t helping you?

Howard Flint, CSO, reviews the recruitment metrics that are widely used within the recruitment industry and whether they are in fact beneficial or even helpful when it comes to driving improvements

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