Quality of Hire: Data, Diversity & The Candidate Experience [white paper report]

This white paper report has invaluable insight from the outcomes from one of our series of Quality of Hire Roundtables.

Data, Diversity & The Candidate Experience

The recruitment and HR industry has been aware of Quality of Hire for some time now. Being able to quantitatively assess the overall quality of new and existing hires is universally acknowledged as being necessary. However, there are numerous challenges associated with implementing the measurement of Quality of Hire.

This white paper examines the struggles and opportunities recruitment, HR and hiring professionals are experiencing in relation to Quality of Hire. Diversity was a hot topic and what each individual felt this metric was.


Key themes explored within the white paper are:


  • The Challenges of QoH – Exploring the issues associated with measuring and improving QoH.
  • Diversity & Data – Looking at how collecting and analysing QoH data can influence an organisation’s diversity.
  • QoH & the Candidate Experience – Examining the effects of the candidate experience on QoH, and what steps can be taken to improve it.
  • The QoH Trickle-Down Effect – Asking how support from business leaders can help to support QoH initiatives.

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Suhail Doshi

Co-founder, Mix Panel