Quality of Hire: the essential business metric [whitepaper]

This whitepaper report has invaluable insight from this year’s Quality of Hire Roundtable which took place in London.

Attendees included Recruitment, HR and Talent leaders from global organisations of varying sizes. Being able to quantitatively assess the overall quality of new and existing hires is universally acknowledged as being necessary. However, there are numerous challenges associated with implementing the measurement of Quality of Hire.

    • Key themes explored within the white paper are:


  • Defining Quality of Hire- Exploring the concept and individual elements of Quality of Hire.
  • Measuring Quality of Hire – Looking at current measures and asking how these can factor into the assessment of Quality of Hire or whether new metrics are required.
  • Improving Quality of Hire – Examining the changes needed before the measurement and outcomes of Quality of Hire can be improved.
  • Delivering Quality of Hire – Asking how these changes can be implemented successfully.

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