Achieve consistent sales performance

Cultivate predictable returns through high-quality hiring

Improve sales performance

Many companies rely on predictable sales figures to ensure their yearly targets are reached and shareholders remain happy with performance. Having noticed that sales performance was steadily declining, the pressure began to mount on this pharmaceutical company’s HR and hiring team.

Key outcomes

Just 12 months after implementing Talenytics and using the data to refine the hiring process, the company was pleased to report that for the first quarter in four, their sales trajectory had turned upwards.

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  • New start retention up by 22%
  • New start sales performance up by 14%
  • Sales performance up by (Q4 only) 3%

Case Study: Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical company boosts sales performance

The Problem

Sales performance was declining and had been headed downwards for several quarters in a row. The HR and hiring teams were under significant pressure to improve performance.

The Solution

Talenytics provides real-time and historic performance data, which enables the identification of trends, correlations and indications which have an impact on Quality of Hire.

The Results

Reviewing Talenytics’ data revealed clear factors for poor Quality of Hire. Employees scoring poorly in several areas could be identified as being unlikey to perform well in their role.

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