As a recruiter, I thought that you’re likely to have an interest in the Hiring Quality metric. If so, perhaps you might want to take part in this survey? It would be greatly appreciated to have your help to find out which recruitment metrics are used to improve hiring quality.

There are many opinions about data-driven hiring. The survey is designed to reveal important facts about the hiring process in the enterprise, including:

  • Finding out which metrics most influence the quality of hiring
  • Determining the importance of Hiring Manager and post-hire performance data
  • Metrics identified as being important to the future of enterprise hiring

Quite simply, for HR and Talent Directors, Recruitment Managers and Recruiters, the survey is designed to help uncover the truth about attitudes to data driven hiring.

Talenytics and Best Practice in HR is producing a whitepaper based on the survey results. To help you improve how you use data to improve hiring quality, we’ll be sharing this report with recruiters that participate. To put your mind at ease, any data published will be anonymised and handled in strict accordance with data protection laws.

Thanks again for your input.

The Talenytics Team

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