Five Ways We Can Make Recruiters and Hiring Managers Besties

Recruiters vs. Hiring Managers is the modern-day equivalent of cowboys vs. Indians.  Do you feel like you are sometimes locked in a never ending backwards and forwards of “she said I would have a shortlist yesterday” and “he said he could do interviews this week”?

Talenytics is a platform that has been developed by Recruiters to increase buy in from Hiring Managers and enable you to collaborate positively throughout the recruitment process.  Imagine a world where you both agree exactly what you are looking for at the beginning of the process and can track who does what throughout?

Here are five things about Talenytics that were developed with specifically you, the Recruiters, in mind:


  • Easily agree the recruitment plan with our Q-Chart Methodology

When kicking off a role, our Q-Chart allows Recruiters and Hiring Managers to quickly and easily agree what’s required from the candidates (experience, sector, education, etc.) and your mutually agreed target dates (shortlist, interview and start dates).  Gone are the days of waiting for weeks to get a six lie job spec and incomplete brief.  You can now do it together quickly and in detail on Talenytics!

Not only does the Q-Chart improve alignment between you and your Hiring Manager, it is also shared with other interviewers for the role.  This stops the unexpected requirement coming in at the third stage interview stating that the candidate being placed in Germany has to speak Chinese!


  • Rapidly gather interview feedback about your Candidates and objectively choose the best


Talenytics remove the pain point of gathering feedback about multiple candidates from lots of interviewers in different offices.  On interview day, interviewers are sent an email that they click on and complete an easy evaluation form.  Our algorithms take into account everyone’s feedback and summarise the findings for you in a clear way.  Our Q-Chart shows you how each candidate ranks against each other, and how the interviewer scored them.


  • Voice of the Recruiter and Manager

Recruiters – how often do you hear grumblings of disgruntled Hiring Managers from your boss and not from the Hiring Manager themselves?  Do you see a Hiring Manager’s name at the top of a new role requirement and feel dread as you know you will struggle to get a decent role brief and any feedback post interview?

Now you also have the opportunity to feedback on how the recruitment process went.  Did you get a decent brief?  Did you receive feedback on time?  Did you deliver your shortlist on time?  Talenytics is here to give you a voice!  It captures both your views in a way that is easy to use and to see how well the process has gone (and who missed the dates you agreed at the beginning!).


  • How Candidates Perform in the Job 


I’m sure you’re bored with so called recruitment thought leaders talking about how we should improve Quality of Hire but no giving us a way to measure it.  Well here we are!  We talk the talk and walk the walk.  Our platform will give you insights into how your candidates are performing after they have started their new role and track their performance during their first year.  You can then use this information to think about the selection criteria that really show you have a great candidate.


  • Reporting to Help You


Talenytics was built and developed by Recruiters so we know what your pain points are.  Rather than reporting on KPI’s that don’t mean anything, we focus on metrics that support you and help you understand and develop your own skills and performance.  Our reports also show you the strengths and weaknesses of your Hiring Managers, measuring how they perform during the entire recruitment process.


We are looking for feedback on Talenytics from Recruiters.

We would love to hear what you think about relationships with Hiring Managers.  Do you feel that a tool that encourages Hiring Manager accountability would improve the recruitment process?

If you would like a look around the platform or any more information about what we can do, then please get in touch!


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  1. James Maltby

    March 1, 2017

    I like the idea of a “six lie job spec”. Most job specs I come across have somewhere between 3 and 5 actual lies, a handful of untruths and dozens of deliberate omissions in them…

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