What’s it like being a start up recruitment SaaS platform? I’m going to tell you!

Firstly, what the is definition of being a start up?

According to Google search “a startup company (startup or start-up) is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.”

Yeah pretty accurate, but let’s not forget about the stress and sleepless nights, constant changes and lessons learned every minute of the day! You’ve gotta have the knowledge to break the industry as well as an amazing product. You don’t just get that white Ikea cubed shelving unit on the first week, well unless you already have one sitting in the house or shed. Although you can buy it here.

How it all began… For Talenytics the challenge was not only creating a SaaS platform that could fully function, with zero experience in the software building world, but the fact we were bringing a whole new metric to the world of recruitment. We did have it easy though, our CEO Gavin Speirs, does own a recruitment company Solutions Driven, who do recruitment in a way like I’ve never seen before. We’ve also got Howard Flint, a somewhat historian for all things recruitment and marketing new software (in the nicest possible way of course Howard!).

Talenytics was built on passion. Passion to make a change in the industry. Passion to create something that will change the recruitment world. We’re so sick of hearing people i.e. Recruiters, Hiring Managers and clients moaning about the performance of hires and are they the right fit for the job even though they’ve went through endless processes and interviews and had these goals been set and measured from the start this could be so different.

One of the first reasons that we decided to develop Talenytics was Hiring Managers continually ask for a higher quality of candidates while Recruiters tend to focus on reducing the cost and speeding up the overall hiring process.

Being a start up and developing the right way to do this was a challenge, it was that much of a challenge we developed it twice! Getting this right is what is important to us and making sure we have something that can change the way we make better hires. Building Talenytics was and still is a very long process but seeing the finished project was worth it. Well, when we say finished we can’t really say that we will ever be finished as an SaaS product we’ll always be evolving. It’s part of our process and promise that we need to be fully functional and integrated to what our audience needs.

Taking Talenytics to market was an eyeopener for us but we knew that it was important to put Talenytics to the test and show how it works. Showcasing the features and benefits of our system has been a great to connect to our audience. We’ve spoken to some fantastic people and more importantly, we’ve got some key feedback.

Selling our souls to Hiring Quality

We are not only selling our Talenytics software but also selling the idea of a brand new way for people to measure and collaborate with their team to get the best out of the process. This is our Hiring Quality metric and it’s what we believe makes us really different.

The Power of Hiring Quality and what it means.
• Presents, in one single score, the overall performance of a particular recruitment activity
• Combines Hiring Quality metrics with traditional recruitment metrics
• Includes the perceptions of key stakeholders such as Hiring Managers and Candidates
• Measures the variance between expectations set by the Hiring Managers and Recruiters at the beginning of the recruitment activity and what comes out of the end of the process

Honestly we struggled to get this across to start with. We knew that some people might just think it’s another thing to be aware of when hiring or/and doesn’t our ATS already do this? We had to show that this wasn’t the case. We need people to know how to truly measure this and why. Research and evidence shows that aligning expectations and improving collaboration between Hiring Managers and Recruiters results in better Hiring Quality.  Talenytics has been designed to do this and in addition to collate and analyse the data from this collaboration and use it to provide predictive information. As you know it’s all about BIG DATA now, well it is 2017!

Speaking of BIG DATA (just one of the many new BUZZWORDS we’ve learned), it’s been fun ensuring that we’re getting our own data from our surveys which you can take here. We can’t forget that writing our first white paper was also a big challenge but we knew the first one had to be something that was going to be relatable and address the many problems the recruitment industry offers. Fancy a look? 

Speaking to the right people

Getting advice from influencers has been a massive insight for us! We all know what recruitment influencers to stalk on social media but actually speaking to them was so helpful in our process. We’ve spoke to the likes of William Tincup (what a guy!), he gave us some real positive comments and made us feel it will be all worth while. We were also included on one of his lists (HR Tech Company lists of course), what other list where you thinking? Jackye Clayton was also fab! She’s one we know plays a massive part in this world and we are thankful for her insights. Dr John Sullivan, he’s straight to the point but totally on the ball! Conversations with Todd Raphael from ERE and a blog on their site (read it here) really put us on the map. He also told us how important it was to be unique and stand out! Last but certainly not least Mr Matt Charney, one of our favourite and coolest bloggers, he loves a music related post but he’s a massive influencer in the recruitment world. Check him out here  So thanks to all!


So anyway, enough sucking up, for now!

So what exactly is our solution!

We believe that collaboratively measuring and assessing candidate and recruitment process quality, improves candidate, Recruiter and Hiring Manager engagement, and leads to an increase in overall Hiring Quality. Our solutions to do this was to combine pre and post hiring activity into 4 easy stages:
• Define – Our Position Q-Chart™ methodology to agree what makes a great candidate for the role
• Collaborate –  Give all stakeholders visibility of the candidate requirements and recruitment plan at the start of the process
• Analyse – Rate the candidates pre and post-interview and let our algorithms and candidates Q-Chart help you identify the best candidate
• Review – Review Hiring Quality performance across your organisation and identify areas to improve your next hire
We’ve not only tried to show this by videos, graphics and blogging but by making sure we share the messages around the problem and how we fix it! Getting involved online to many different forums, groups and making sure our voice is hears and speaking to who we believe can benefit from Talenytics. We’ve now got some super client who are using Talenytics and it playing a massive role in changing the way people find the best talent!

Want to give it a try?

Do you think you could benefit from our Platform? Do you want to…
• Improve the quality of candidates and new hires which you can measure during their first year with your business?
• Have real-time data that truly demonstrates how your recruitment team members are performing on each role?
• Improve Hiring Manager and Recruiter relationships and automate the recording of stakeholder feedback at each stage of the process?

Why not get in touch with one of our Hiring Quality experts and we’d be happy to give you a demo of Talenytics. If you like what you see we’d love to have some feedback and perhaps you’d like a trial to see if it really works.

Fill in the forms and we’ll be in touch!

It’s been a great rollercoaster ride, we’re happy to be where we are and continue to spread our message to the recruitment masses!


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