On Demand Webinar: Facing 2019

Join CEO Gavin Speirs and CSO Howard Flint as they discuss the findings of our recent survey of 500 Talent Leaders. 2019 is well underway, but are your plans aligned with the rest of the talent acquisition industry?

Learn what’s ahead for Talent Acquisition in 2019

Key Takeaways:

1. Lessons learned in 2018

2. Understanding talent priorities for 2019

3. Making progress in the tech era

Meet your experts

Gavin Speirs, Founder & CEO Talenytics

Gavin has been working in the recruitment industry for over a decade. Beginning his career as a mid-senior level hire recruiter, he is now CEO of an international recruitment specialist organisation. He developed Talenytics in 2014 after recognising the need for companies across the globe to measure and improve hiring quality.

Howard Flint, Chief Strategy Officer

For 15 years Howard has worked at the interface of recruiters, technology and data, pioneering ways of improving recruitment performance. He has remained at the forefront of recruitment technology throughout numerous industry shifts, and is dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions to everyday problems faced in talent acquisition.

Introducing the Q-Chart™

Talenytics’ unique Q-Chart™ creates a visual, dynamic and collaborative way of agreeing on the pre-hire criteria. “You can’t measure Quality of Hire if you don’t define and agree what a quality hire looks like” Gavin Speirs, CEO