Companies should reflect their customers, but also their employees. If you worked for an organisation where just 10% of the board represented 90% of staff, would you feel that business leaders took diversity and inclusion seriously? 

Trust in business leaders to make good on company promises to improve diversity and inclusion is poor. While these issues have been on company agendas for a few years now, little headway is being made in convincing employees that change management is being taken seriously. According to Hays recent D&I survey, just 35% trust their leaders to deliver on promised changes. Worse still, just 34% consider their business’ leaders to be role models for diversity and inclusion.

Inspiring confidence

What can business leaders do to demonstrate their commitment? For a start, capture data on how staff really feel to set a baseline for improvement. Conducting staff surveys to provide insight into how leaders are currently performing against their D&I objectives is a great way to not only increase visibility on how seriously diversity is being taken, but also to understand staff’s true feelings on the subject and how it is being dealt with internally. Anonymising submissions ensures that staff aren’t tempted to ‘water down’ their responses for fear of causing offence. Publish your results and resulting action points you’ll take to improve on the outcome. Outline the benefits and rewards of a diverse and inclusive workplace so that employees are clear you understand the business as well as social imperative of diversity.

Asking the hard questions

Ensuring that upper levels of management are diversity champions is another effective strategy for embracing an inclusive culture. Are there any ethnic, gender, socio-economic, religious, age, sexual or other differences between your leaders? If not, it’s worth asking why. Having an open-door policy regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives can help to break down barriers for any staff who may feel marginalised or that internal culture is less inclusive than it should be.

What is your business doing to boost diversity and inclusion in your workplace?  If you’ve room for improvement, Talenytics can help. We’ve a track record of increasing hiring diversity.

Gianna Legate

Gianna Legate

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