Driving your recruitment function forward means making a concentrated effort to improve your relationship with hiring managers. A-players demand engaged hiring managers.

It’s all very well to challenge recruiters to deliver top talent, but ultimately even their best efforts are futile if your hiring managers are disengaged. Talent leaders have to create a fundamental shift in hiring manager mentality; the benefits of enhanced hiring manager engagement are crucial if the industry is ever to get beyond the struggle for better Quality of Hire.

Candidate engagement

In today’s review-driven world, a negative experience won’t stay quiet for long. Glassdoor is often the first place a potential candidate checks, and if lengthy delays, disorganised interview processes and an absence of feedback are what they can expect, A-players will be turned off before they even apply. Employer reputations spread like wildfire, and a company’s future ability to attract quality candidates will be severely impacted. 

One of the most prevalent reasons for poor candidate experience is an interruption in the process due to hiring managers being delayed by other demands on their time. However, rather than playing the blame game, it’d be far more productive to actively seek to engage hiring managers in the process and to explore where efficiencies could be created. Easing the time burden on hiring managers will be deeply appreciated, and implementing a more collaborative approach will move more candidates more quickly through the process to provide them with the smoothest experience possible. 

Making better hires

By ensuring vigorous engagement between hiring managers and the rest of the hiring team, hiring managers are empowered to provide robust specifications that clearly outline their requirements for candidates and the job role itself. Recruiters will then be able to identify and deliver the best candidates for the role, reducing the likelihood of reworking the role or no hires being made. As well as being positive from a financial standpoint, the quality of hires made will naturally become far stronger as the hiring team perfect their alignment.

When hiring managers are engaged and energised, the feedback they provide will be far more insightful, as well as being delivered in a more timely manner. Explaining the importance of hiring manager input and providing them with the tools to improve their relationship with stakeholders and candidates results in hiring managers taking control of the hiring process and recognising that they are a critical part of boosting the organisation’s overall quality of hire.

Want to revive your hiring manager engagement?

Gianna Legate

Gianna Legate

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